Commissioning a Painting

Painting commissions are currently open.

I am thrilled to be asked regularly to create special and meaningful pieces.

Good photography is needed to commission a painting, particularly if looking for a strong likeness with a subject. Sometimes it's best if you can provide a few different options to choose from, as there may be one that suits being painted better than others. You can also ask me to research photos myself if you're looking for something that you don't have a photo of -- a chicken for example!


I do not use any tracing or projection, but rather my own intuitive and artistic vision to create a portrait based on the photo rather than any kind of laborious tracing or carbon copy 🤩

You can choose your surface; this is usually canvas but could be paper or wood panel too. Each substrate has qualities that differ slightly. Canvas and cradled wood panel don't necessarily need to be framed since I use gallery-depth materials — meaning that they are approximately 1.5" high with painted sides and look great hung!

Painting of large horse

Canvas and panel paintings can be framed in float frames for added finishing. Paintings on paper naturally need matting and framing ideally. Framing is not included in the price.

Once we've decided on the photo, I use it as a reference to create a rough layout in pencil or charcoal directly on the canvas (or other). When I've got it to a point that makes sense to show you, I will send you a photo with a request for approval on likeness and/or layout. This is an opportunity for you to make any requests or tweaks.

With your approval in hand, I create the painted piece! This takes some time and can be up to a few weeks depending on the size and complexity of the artwork. If you have a deadline in mind, such as a birthday or anniversary, this can definitely be accommodated (where possible).

Once the piece is completed to your satisfaction (and mine), you can choose to have it varnished, which adds a few days to the process while we let everything dry. You can pick up the final artwork at the studio or we can arrange shipping or a meet up, whatever works.

See example below of a portrait painted with a fun interpretation (this child is very enamoured with cats!).


{ The Milky Way (Portrait of Simone) }

Portrait painted for mother of small child
Portrait of small child with kitty ears drinking milkPhoto of small childing drinking milk