• Hi! I'm an artist living and working in the Lanark Highlands in Ontario (Canada). Growing up, my siblings and I played imagination games and drew copiously (that's me in the middle). We lived in the Gatineau Park just outside Ottawa, Canada, where we were surrounded by lush vegetation in summer and deep snow in winter, and always by animals — both domestic and wild.

  • I am fascinated with the intersection between the human and the animal, as well as the dichotomy of what it means to be both. In both my sculpture work and my painting, I explore the surface beauty of the human and the non-human, and the depths beneath; the character and self that is at the heart of all we animals, and how we interact and connect with the natural world.

Recent Work

People Portraits

I am currently accepting a limited number of portrait commissions for you or your favourite human(s). Or all of you together with your dog. On a beach. In the sun!

Painting of closeup cat's face

Animal Portraits

Do you have a special fur person you would like memorialized? I want to paint them for you! Cats, dogs, horses, cows. I love them all.